Regular Meeting Minutes – August 16, 2010




AUGUST 16, 2010

6:30 P.M.

Community Open Forum:  6:30 – 6:45 P.M.

This regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Education of the School District of Sheboygan Falls was held on Monday evening, August 16, 2010, in the High School Library at Sheboygan Falls High School.  Board President, John Mauer, called the meeting to order at 6:30 P.M.

Present:           Mr. John Mauer, President

Mr. Tom Bigler, Vice President

Mrs. Victoria Bramstedt, Clerk

Mr. Christopher Lacey, Treasurer

Mrs. Sandy Seifert, Clerk Pro-Tem

Mr. Peter Geise

Mrs. Linda Adams

Mrs. Julie Hahn, Board Secretary

M/S/Bigler/Geise to approve the agenda as printed.  Motion Carried Unanimously.

M/S/Lacey/Seifert to approve the minutes of July 26, 2010 Regular Board Meeting and July 26, 2010 Budget and Annual Meeting as printed.  Motion Carried Unanimously.

M/S/Bigler/Lacey to approve the accounts for July, 2010 as prepared.  Motion Carried Unanimously.  Expenditures for July, 2010 were $1,004,629.35.  Receipts for July, 2010 were $292,326.94.

Administrative Reports:

District/Dave Wessel: Dave Wessel spoke on an email from Tony Evers addressing extra funding and allocating those funds for the upcoming school year.  There will be very specific uses for the money.

John Phelps, High School Principal: High School is getting ready for the start of school, ACT scores were handed out.

Meloney Markofski, Middle School Principal: report was included in the board packet. 2009-2010 ending school year numbers are the projected beginning numbers for the 2010-2011 school year at this point.  Numbers are changing daily.

Kellie Manning, Elementary School Principal: PGA rental went really well, they were very pleased with the facility and our teaching staff.  Numbers for projected enrollment are not secure at this point. As stands:  Grades K and 1st have flexibility, Grade 2 has 8 openings left, Grade 3 has 12 openings, and 4th grade is at 26 in each room with 5 sections.  Kellie reported that there is only room left for an extra classroom in her building.  Space is a continued issued with the increased enrollment they are seeing.

Ann Roy, Director of Special Education and Pupil Services: As far as numbers for Special Education and ELL students, they currently can be serviced by the existing staff.  Our new school psychologist, Brandon Lauersdorf, has started. Everyone is getting ready for the start of the school year.

Jean Born, Director of Instruction: The website has recently changed.  Tech plan received formal approval from DPI and all three buildings have gone wireless.  State has allowed schools to update the speed of computer service to the buildings.  IPODS for instruction will be new in the classroom this year.  ACT results are in and composite scores were up.

Committee Reports:

Personnel/Mauer/Bramstedt/Seifert: Nothing to report.  They are meeting next week.

Public Relations/Seifert/Geise/Adams: Nothing to report.

Policy/Mauer/Bramstedt: Nothing to report.

Finance/Bigler/Lacey/Geise:  Nothing to report.

Facilities/Bigler/Lacey/Adams: Nothing to report.

Rec Board/Seifert: Met on August 11th, they addressed fees and increases will be implemented. Umpire pay was also addressed.  Payment will be made the week following the game worked. Space is being addressed with ball fields.  The committee has adopted the state rules for fees in case of cancellations.

CESA #7/Bigler:  Nothing to report.

WASB/Seifert/Adams:  Items were covered in other reports.

Legislative/Wessel: Mary Blaha and Sandy Seifert attended today and discussion included Tony Evers and the “$180 million”, and 21st century schools.

Sheboygan Falls School Foundation/Geise:  Peter Geise questioned his role on the Sheboygan Falls School Foundation and was unclear as to the role of the board member on the foundation.  Jean Born cleared up that the board member was put on as a liaison between the board and the foundation.

Site Councils:  Will meet again once school starts- Nothing to report at all building levels.

Bob Vajgrt from Eppstein Uhen Architects presented to the board an update of preliminary findings of the Feasibility Study and gave an initial recommendation on how to proceed.  An executive summary was presented and will to be turned over to the facilities committee who will take the results to study, and bring back recommendations to the full board.  At a future point, the community will be informed of the results of the findings.

M/S/Geise/Seifert to waive rules of first and final reading.  Motion carried unanimously.

M/S/Geise/Lacey to approve the modified NEOLA Bullying Policy as presented with the exception of changing the word on page 7, under Notification, from teacher to staff.  Motion carried unanimously.

The board started initial discussion of Board Goals. Vicki Bramstedt presented the mission statement that was adopted last fall and also the vision statement.  At this point, ideas for future board goals are to be sent to Dave Wessel by September 15th.  Ideas will be compiled, giving the board time to review, and then an October 12th special meeting will be held.

M/S/Seifert/Geise to approve the contract of our new 60% High School English Teacher, Amy Harter, as presented.  Motion Carried Unanimously.

M/S/Seifert/Geise to approve the contract of our new 60% High School Business Education Teacher, Kyle Bernhoft, as presented.  Motion Carried Unanimously.

M/S/Bigler/Bramstedt to approve the resignation of our 60% High School Business Education Teacher, Kyle Scharhag, as presented.  Motion Carried Unanimously.

The board listened to a presentation by Dr. Louis Birchbauer, WASB Search Consultant, addressing the process to follow regarding the hiring of a new district administrator.

M/S/Bigler/Seifert to Adjourn Into Executive Session Per Wis. Stats. 19.85(1)(e)(f) to Confer with an employment search consultant regarding employment, promotion, and performance evaluation data related to an employee of the School District, impacting possible selection of the employee as the successor District Administrator. A roll call vote was taken. Geise/Yes, Seifert/Yes, Lacey/Yes, Mauer/Yes, Bigler/Yes, Bramstedt/Yes, Adams/Yes.  Motion Carried Unanimously.

M/S/Geise/Bramstedt to return to open session.  Motion Carried Unanimously.

Return to open session.

M/S/Adams/Geise to hire Louis Birchbauer, WASB employment search consultant, to move forward with the search process for successor district administrator.  Motion Carried Unanimously.

M/S/Bigler/Seifert to adjourn.  Motion carried Unanimously.

Adjournment @ 11:02P.M.

Minutes taken by Julie M. Hahn, Board Secretary

Approved by the Board of Education on September 20, 2010

Victoria Bramstedt, Board Clerk

Nonviolent Crisis Intervention training (NVCI)

School District of Sheboygan Falls

Training/Course Opportunity

Nonviolent Crisis Intervention training (NVCI)

WHAT: Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Training is the most widely used program worldwide for effective management of disruptive and assaultive behavior.  Currently, many of our students in all levels need appropriate support to manage aggressive and disruptive behaviors.

Staff will learn how to:

  • respond effectively to the warning signs that someone is beginning to lose control

WHO:  Elementary, Middle and High School teachers and paraprofessionals

Maximum enrollment = 20.  First come-first serve.  Sign up with Terri Luecke

via phone or e-mail.

WHERE:  Sheboygan Falls Elementary School – Library

WHEN:  September 24, 2010 – 4:00 – 7:00 PM

September 25, 2010 – 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM

TRAINER:  Mary Beth Pritchard, staff member & certified CPI NVCI Instructor

COST:  FREE = $0!

CREDIT OPTION INFORMATION:  TBD: One graduate credit is available through Viterbo University at the cost of $90.00 the day of class.  Reimbursement for course costs can be applied for through the District using the credit approval form.  Credit sign up at class.


  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothes; you will be moving!
  • Bring a pencil/pen.
  • Bring your own lunch and beverage.

For questions or more information, please contact Ann Roy or Mary Beth Pritchard.

Thank you for your interest and willingness to strengthen our skills as a team!


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