About the PTO & Bylaws



What is the purpose of the PTO?  The PTO is organized for the purpose of supporting the education of the children at Sheboygan Falls Elementary School by establishing and maintaining a working relation ship among parents, teachers, the school, and the community.

Where does the money that is raised go? We raise funds to continue to support events such as field trips, classroom reading books, and various family based events. We also bring in funds to provide grants that support our teachers for enhancements they would not otherwise have in their classrooms. Please note that all PTO fundraisers will be labeled as a PTO fundraiser, not to be confused with other sales not affiliated with PTO.

The Sheboygan Falls Elementary School PTO is pleased to announce the NEW Board members for the 2015-2016 school year.


Tri-President – Jen Wisnefske
Tri-President – Roberta Lentz
Tri-President – Jenny Kappers


Secretary – Stephanie Schwartz 




Treasurer – Heather Klahn 




We would like to encourage you to attend future meetings and get involved in any possible ways.  Notices will be sent home with your child closer to the meeting times.

The SFES PTO PTO Bylaws are available for all to view.