Regular Meeting Minutes – June 20, 2011




JUNE 20, 2011

6:30 P.M.

Community Open Forum:  6:30 – 6:45 P.M.

Rose Moran, 110 Kay Avenue, Sheboygan Falls, thanked everyone for the plaque she received for her community service at the end of the year luncheon.  Steve Thimmig, 403 Leavens Avenue, Sheboygan Falls, stated he was here in attendance for Dave Wessel’s first board meeting and he wanted to come tonight for Dave’s last board meeting before his retirement.


This scheduled meeting of the Board of Education of the School District of Sheboygan Falls was held on Monday evening, June 20, 2011, in the High School Library at Sheboygan Falls High School.  Board President, John Mauer, called the meeting to order at 6:30 P.M.


Present:           Mr. John Mauer, President

Mr. Tom Bigler, Vice President

Mr. Christopher Lacey, Treasurer

Mrs. Victoria Bramstedt, Clerk

Mrs. Sandy Seifert, Clerk Pro-Tem

Mr. Peter Geise

Mrs. Linda Adams

Mrs. Julie Hahn, Board Secretary


Roll call was taken.


M/S/Geise/Seifert to approve the agenda as printed.  Motion Carried Unanimously.


M/S/Bigler/Bramstedt to approve the minutes of May 31, 2011 Special Board Meeting as printed.  Motion Carried Unanimously.

M/S/Geise/Adams to approve the accounts for May, 2011, as prepared.  Motion Carried Unanimously.  Expenditures for May, 2011, were $1,611,086.76.  Receipts for May, 2011, were $1,966,498.42.


Administrative Reports:


District/Dave Wessel:  Dave attended legislative breakfast this morning and four state legislators were in attendance.  The budget was again discussed at great length, as well as state open enrollment, and the school voucher program.  Dave also reported that the July board meeting will be held on the 4th Monday of July to coincide with the budget and annual meeting.


Jean Born, Director of Instruction gave her monthly report to the Board.  All other administrators were not able to be in attendance.


Committee Reports:


Personnel/Bramstedt/Seifert/Adams:  Nothing to report.  Meeting on July 14th.


Public Relations/Adams/Seifert/Geise:  Have not met.


Policy/Lacey/Mauer:  Have not met.


Finance/Bigler/Geise: Met and discussed the budget.  The rec fund budget will be reduced by $20,000.


Facilities/Bigler/Bramstedt/Mauer: Nothing to report.


Rec Board/Lacey:  Nothing to report.


CESA #7/Bigler: Nothing to report.


WASB/Seifert/Adams:  Nothing to report.


Legislative/Wessel: Nothing to report.


Sheboygan Falls School Foundation/Geise: Continuing to move forward with the goals and foundation.


H.S. Site Council/Bramstedt/Phelps:  Nothing to report.


M.S. Site Council/Seifert/Markofski:  Nothing to report.


Elem. Site Council/Bigler/Manning: Nothing to report.


Jean Born reported that she would like to sit down with the building principals and clarify what the purpose of site councils are.


Jean Born and Steve Schmitt, Sheboygan Falls Education Foundation presented on the sustainable agriculture vision for Sheboygan Falls School District.


Committee appointments were discussed.  John Mauer has finalized appointments except for site council assignments.


M/S/Lacey/Geise to approve the final reading of NEOLA Policy 7540: Computer Technology Network, and Internet Acceptable Use and Safety.  Motion Carried Unanimously.


M/S/Seifert/Adams to approve the final reading of NEOLA Policy 7540.03: Acceptable Use Policy for Students.  Motion Carried Unanimously.


M/S/Geise/Lacey to approve the final reading of NEOLA Policy 7540.04: Acceptable Use Policy for Employees.  Motion Carried Unanimously.


M/S/Geise/Seifert to approve the final reading of revised NEOLA Policy 6235: Fund Balance with the change in the policy wording, last sentence, first paragraph, avoid TO minimize.  Motion Carried Unanimously.


M/S/Adams/Lacey to approve as presented the 2011-2012 Events & Athletic Calendar. Motion Carried Unanimously.


M/S/Bramstedt/Geise to approve with thanks the $300 gift to the District from the Booster Club to help defray the cost of the 2011-2012 Events/Athletic Calendar.  Motion Carried Unanimously.


M/S/Seifert/Bramstedt to approve the contract for Joshua Schuren as Network Administrator.  Motion Carried Unanimously.


M/S/Bramstedt/Geise to approve the contract for Philip Marr as Technology Support Specialist.  Motion Carried Unanimously.


M/S/Seifert/Adams to approve the contract for Joshua Loppnow, 80% High School Art Teacher.  Motion Carried Unanimously.


M/S/Seifert/Bramstedt to approve the contract for Justin Moore, 80% High School English Teacher. Motion Carried Unanimously.


M/S/Adams/Seifert to approve the contract for Magdalena Kleban, 40% High School German Teacher. Motion Carried Unanimously.


Mary A. Blaha, Director of Business Services, presented on the 2011-2012 budget.

M/S/Geise/Lacey to approve the preliminary budget for the 2011-2012 school year as presented.  Motion Carried Unanimously.


M/S/Lacey/Bigler that the General Fund Balance as of June 30, 2011 be designated for cash flow purposes. Motion Carried Unanimously.


M/S/Geise/Lacey to approve the “Explore/Refine Options” contract with Eppstein Uhen Architects for addressing the district’s facilities needs.  Motion Carried Unanimously.


The board discussed the May 31st presentation by Lisa Voisin, from Baird, on the district’s debt situation and a possible timeline for a future referendum.


M/S/Seifert/Bramstedt to approve the Resolution to Amend and Restate the Midamerica Administrative and Retirement Solutions, Inc., Health Reimbursement Arrangement.  Motion Carried Unanimously.


M/S/Bigler/Lacey to adjourn into Executive Session per Wis. Stats. 19.85(1)(c)(e)(f) for discussion on 2011-2012 compensation for administration and/or other non-represented groups.  A roll call vote was taken.  Mauer/Yes, Bigler/Yes, Bramstedt/Yes, Lacey/Yes, Seifert/Yes, Geise/Yes, Adams/Yes. Motion Carried Unanimously.


M/S/Seifert/Geise to return to open session.


The board returned to open session.  Action taken.


M/S/Bramstedt/Geise to approve a 1.6% increase for the following administration and exempt staff employees.  These groups include Kellie Manning, Elementary School Principal, Meloney Markofski, Middle School Principal, Luke Goral, Associate High School Principal, John Phelps, High School Principal, Mary Blaha, Director of Business Services, Ann Roy, Director of Special Education & Pupil Services, Len Burzynski, Facilities Manager, Phil Marr, Technology Support Specialist, Julie Sonnenberg, School Nurse, Mary Raml, School Nurse, Shelley Juedes, Food Services Supervisor, Julie Hahn, Administrative Assistant to the District Administrator.  A roll call vote was taken. Geise/Yes, Seifert/Yes, Lacey/Yes, Mauer/Yes, Bigler/Yes, Bramstedt/Yes, Adams/Yes.  Motion Carried Unanimously.


M/S/Bramstedt/Geise to amend administrative contracts to include a contribution amount of 12.6% toward their health insurance premiums.  Motion carried Unanimously.


M/S/Geise/Seifert to adjourn.  Motion carried Unanimously.


Adjournment @ 9:45 P.M.


Minutes taken by Julie M. Hahn, Board Secretary


Approved by the Board of Education on July 25, 2011


Victoria Bramstedt, Board Clerk