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2013-14 Student Vacation Days at a Glance

Oct 23 … Early Release (ES- 1:55PM, MS/HS- 2:10PM)
Oct 24-25 … Staff Development Days
Nov 27 … Early Release (ES- 1:55PM, MS/HS- 2:10PM)
Nov 28-29 … Thanksgiving
Dec 20 … Early Release (ES- 1:55PM, MS/HS- 2:10PM)
Dec 23-Jan 1 … Winter Break
Jan 24 … Staff Development Day
Feb 21 … Staff Development Day
Mar 7 … No School
Mar 10 … Staff Development Day
Apr 17 … Early Release (ES- 1:55PM, MS/HS- 2:10PM)
Apr 18 … No School
Apr 21 … No School
May 23 … Built-in Snow Day
May 26 … Memorial Day
June 6 … Early Release
…………..(ES- 11:00AM, MS- 11:10AM, HS- 11:15 AM)

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