Regular Meeting Minutes – April 19, 2010

APRIL 19, 2010
6:30 P.M.

Margie Reiter, 3rd grade teacher, and 9 students from her class gave a presentation on their “Love for Haiti Pencil Co.” project which they did in the classroom to earn money to send to the people of Haiti. The students giving the presentation were: Avery Bayer, Justin Bruckner, Sydnie Meyer, Matthew Micoliczyk, Grafton Morgan, Karri Muehlbauer, Teresa Parrish, Arianna Schuren, & Dylan Theune.

This regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Education of the School District of Sheboygan Falls was held on Monday evening, April 19, 2010, in the High School Library at Sheboygan Falls High School. Board President, John Mauer, called the meeting to order at 6:30 P.M.

Present: Mr. John Mauer, President
Mr. Tom Bigler, Vice President
Mr. Steve Thimmig, Treasurer
Mr. Greg Pribek, Clerk
Mrs. Victoria Bramstedt, Clerk Pro-Tem
Mrs. Sandy Seifert
Mrs. Audrey Sager, Board Secretary

Excused: Mr. Peter Geise

M/S/Thimmig/Bramstedt to approve the agenda as printed. Motion Carried Unanimously.

M/S/Thimmig/Bramstedt to approve the minutes of the March 15, 2010 Board Meeting as printed. Motion Carried Unanimously.

M/S/Bigler/Bramstedt to approve the accounts for March, 2010 as prepared. Motion Carried Unanimously. Expenditures for March were $1,896,703.50. Receipts for March, 2010 were $2,901.404.40.

Administrative Reports:

District/Dave Wessel: Next months regular meeting will be held at the Elementary School.
6 candidates will be interviewed for H.S. Principal this week Wednesday and Thursday.

Dr. Bud Pulaski, High School Principal; Meloney Markofski, Middle School Principal; Kellie Manning, Elementary School Principal; Ann Roy, Director of Special Education and Pupil Services; and Jean Born, Director of Instruction gave their monthly reports to the Board.

Dr. Pulaski informed the Board that 3 of our Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) students have qualified for National competition in Nashville. The students qualifying are Andy Ansay, Mandi Stengel, & Kelly Jo Hoffmann. All 3 students are High School Juniors.

Swimming Special Olympics will be taking place at the H.S. Pool. This will be a huge extravaganza for our special education students.

John Mauer thanked the administrators for all of the hard work that they do for our students. The Board appreciates their efforts.

Committee Reports:

Personnel/Mauer/Thimmig/Bramstedt: Bargaining proposals have been exchanged with the Support Staff Union.

Public Relations/Thimmig/Seifert/Geise: Steve Thimmig thanked the community and the Board for all of their support over the past years during his term as Board Member. He will miss this.

Finance/Bigler/Seifert/Geise: The committee met to review budget expenditures for current year.

Rec Board/Seifert: The committee met last week. Zach Madden, H.S. Student Council President, gave a presentation on the purchase of a new marquee at the high school.

CESA #7/Bigler: The annual meeting is coming up in early May.

WASB/Seifert/Thimmig: Sandy Seifert gave a brief update of several bills that are before the senate.

Legislative/Wessel: Mr. Wessel gave a short synopsis of discussion from today’s Legislative Breakfast. They are considering changing this from a breakfast meeting with the legislators to a working breakfast meeting.

M.S. Site Council/Seifert/Markofski: The committee reviewed the breakfast survey. There was a great response. The DPI and LTC Consultants will attend the meeting next month.

Elem. Site Council/Bigler/Manning: Summer school offerings, PTO scholarships for students to attend summer school, and creative ways to involve parents in the literacy goal next year were discussed.

Bob Vajgrt and Kit Dailey, representatives from Eppstein Uhen Architects, were in attendance to provide an overview of their Feasibility Study recommendations. They hope to complete a draft of the document by the middle of July, with finalization in August. M/S/Bigler/Seifert to approve the contract with EUA (Eppstein Uhen). Motion Carried Unanimously.

Dr. Pulaski, H.S. Principal, and Zach Madden, President of the High School Student Council, presented information on a new marquee at the high school. The estimated cost of the sign is $11,610. Our maintenance staff will pick up the equipment and do the installation to help keep the cost down. Over $6,000 has already been raised by the students. The Rec Board will also be giving a donation towards the project. M/S/Thimmig/Pribek to allow student council to proceed with their community partners in the purchase of this marquee/messaging system. Motion Carried Unanimously.

Fred Brown, Recreation Department Director, delivered his annual report to the Board.

M/S/Bigler/Thimmig to accept the resignation of Laurie Lillibridge and Jesse Dochnahl with our regrets. Motion Carried Unanimously.

M/S/Bigler/Seifert to approve the contract of Brandon Lauersdorf, School Psychologist, as presented. Motion Carried Unanimously.

Greg Pribek departed the meeting.

M/S/Bigler/Seifert to approve the final reading of Policy #7540.03/Acceptable Use as presented. Motion Carried Unanimously.

M/S/Seifert/Thimmig to approve the final reading of NEOLA Winter 09 Policy revisions as presented. Motion Carried Unanimously.

Greg Pribek re-joined the meeting.

M/S/Bigler/Seifert to APPROVE 70 applications received from Sheboygan Falls students who are requesting to attend school in surrounding districts in the 2010-2011 school year under Open Enrollment guidelines as presented. Motion Carried Unanimously.

Mary A. Blaha, Director of Business Services, discussed the rationale for raising the price of lunch tickets for 2010-2011. Breakfast is being added to our lunch program. Each lunch will increase $.05. M/S/Bramstedt/Seifert to approve the increase in lunch ticket prices as presented. A roll call vote was taken: Thimmig/yes, Bramstedt/yes, Bigler/abstain, Mauer/yes, Pribek/yes, Seifert/yes. Motion Carried with 5/yes and 1/abstain.

Mary Blaha gave a brief update of the 2010-2011 budget. Sandy Seifert would like to see the proposed budget cuts posted on the district web site. The consensus of the Board is to comply with this request.

John Mauer thanked Steve Thimmig for his 6 years of service to the District. This will be his last meeting as a Board member. Chris Lacey was congratulated on his election to the Board.

M/S/Thimmig/Seifert to adjourn Into Executive Session Per Wis. Stats. 19.85(1) (f) for Preliminary Consideration of a Specific Personnel Problem Involving an Employee of the School District and 19.85(1) (e) to Conduct a Grievance Hearing with a Member of the Sheboygan Falls Faculty Association. A roll call vote was taken. Thimmig/yes, Bramstedt/yes, Bigler/yes, Mauer/yes, Pribek/yes, Seifert/yes. Motion Carried Unanimously.

M/S/Seifert/Thimmig to return to open session @ 9:55 P.M.. Motion Carried Unanimously.

M/S/Bigler/Bramstedt to deny the grievance. A roll call vote was taken. Bramstedt/yes, Pribek/abstain, Seifert/yes, Bigler/yes, Thimmig/yes, Mauer/yes. Motion carried 5/yes and 1/abstain.

M/S/Thimmig/Seifert to adjourn. Motion carried Unanimously.

Adjournment @ 9:57 P.M.

Minutes taken by Audrey L. Sager, Board Secretary.

Approved by the Board of Education on May 17th, 2010.

Victoria Bramstedt, Board Clerk Pro-Tem