Regular Meeting Minutes – October 24, 2011




OCTOBER 24, 2011

6:30 P.M.


Community Open Forum:  6:30 – 6:45 P.M.

Rose Moran, 110 Kay Avenue, Sheboygan Falls addressed the board on two concerns.  First being concerned and against the Wednesday and Sunday sports/practices and the other being concerned with the timeline of purchasing land for the possible upcoming site of a new building(s). She felt with the interest rates currently being so low- timing would seem right.


This scheduled meeting of the Board of Education of the School District of Sheboygan Falls was held on Monday evening, October 24, 2011, in the High School Library at Sheboygan Falls High School.  Board President, John Mauer, called the meeting to order at 6:30 P.M.


Present:           Mr. John Mauer, President

Mr. Tom Bigler, Vice President

Mr. Christopher Lacey, Treasurer

Mrs. Victoria Bramstedt, Clerk

Mrs. Sandy Seifert, Clerk Pro-Tem

Mr. Peter Geise

Mrs. Linda Adams

Mrs. Julie Hahn, Board Secretary

Roll call was taken with all board members present.


M/S/Geise/Lacey to approve the agenda as printed.  Motion Carried Unanimously.


M/S/Geise/Bramstedt to approve the minutes of September 19, 2011 Regular Board Meeting as printed.  Motion Carried Unanimously.


M/S/Bigler/Adams to approve the accounts for September, 2011, as prepared.  Motion Carried Unanimously.  Expenditures for September, 2011, were $1,643,973.30.  Receipts for September, 2011, were $1,724,593.29.


Administrative Reports:


District/Jean Born: DPI has reported that 97% of the WI state school districts will be receiving less state aid this year.  WSSPRA Public Relations conference is coming up the first week of November.  The school district and Bemis have met a couple times looking at industry employment and what the school can do to prepare students for the manufacturing industry.  The administrative team met today with the Chamber Main Street and discussed the function and purpose of the chamber in Sheboygan Falls, and what we can cooperatively do to communicate with each other.  The employee handbook is being worked on at this time. Legislators have been busy meeting this week on many items.  WASB workshop Educator Effectiveness and Compensation, December 2nd, 2011, will be attended by Jean Born and Victoria Bramstedt.


Luke Goral, High School Principal; Kellie Manning, Elementary School Principal; Ann Roy, Director of Special Education and Pupil Services; and Mary Lofy, Director of Instruction gave their monthly reports to the Board.  Meloney Markofski, Middle School Principal, was in attendance at the middle school band/choir concert, Mary Lofy reported an additional item to Ms. Markofski’s monthly board report.


Committee Reports:


Personnel/Bramstedt/Seifert/Adams: Has not met.


Public Relations/Adams/Seifert/Geise: Met on October 17th, the committee is developing a statement.  The committee will be meeting with the teachers at each building for input and ideas which will be used to support this statement.


Policy/Lacey/Mauer:  Has not met.


Finance/Bigler/Geise:  Met on October 18th and will be discussed later in the meeting.


Facilities/Bigler/Bramstedt/Mauer: Met on October 10th and discussed the procedure and timeline for hiring a construction manager.


Rec Board/Lacey:  Nothing to report.


CESA #7/Bigler: Nothing to report.


WASB/Seifert/Adams:  Nothing to report.


Legislative/Born: Covered above.


Sheboygan Falls School Foundation/Geise: Nothing to report.


M/S/Lacey/Seifert to approve the first reading, and waive the second reading, of NEOLA policy revision and updates for Phase I. Motion Carried Unanimously.


M/S/Geise/Seifert to approve the first reading of NEOLA policy 2461: Recording of IEP Team Meetings. Motion Carried Unanimously.


M/S/Geise/Seifert to approve the high school band trip to Charleston, South Carolina on April 19-23, 2012.  Motion Carried Unanimously.


Information of an enrollment study to be done by the Applied Population Laboratory/UW Madison was handed out to the board in their monthly packets.  EUA and administration had felt that this piece of information would be data needed to help in moving forward with our facilities exploration phase.  At this time the board has decided to table the motion, approach the city and the chamber to see if they would be interested in a joint venture/costing, but do a more comprehensive study.  Jean will report back to the board in December on her findings.


Ann Roy presented the Pupil Nondiscrimination and Educational Equity Report to the board.  The administration will ask for approval of this report at the November board meeting.


M/S/Geise/Lacey to approve the Recreation Department and Aquatic Center Wednesday and Sunday programs as submitted by Bryan Hansen, Recreation Director.  Motion Carried 6/1, Geise/Yes, Seifert/Yes, Lacey/Yes, Mauer/Yes, Bramstedt/Yes, Adams/Yes, Bigler/No.


Amy Lawrenz, Food Service Director, provided the board with an update on the Food Service Department.  She shared the new initiatives she has added to the existing program.


Mary A. Blaha, Director of Business Services, outlined the 2011-2012 budget which is being brought to the Board for final adoption tonight.  M/S/Geise/Bigler to adopt the 2011/2012 budget as presented.  A roll call vote was taken.  Mauer/yes, Bigler/yes, Bramstedt/yes, Lacey/yes, Seifert/yes, Geise/yes, Adams/yes. Motion Carried 7/0.


M/S/Bigler/Geise to certify the 2011/2012 levy in the amount of $8,743,710.00 as presented in the 2011/2012 budget.  A roll call vote was taken.  Mauer/yes, Bigler/yes, Bramstedt/yes, Lacey/yes, Seifert/yes, Geise/yes, Adams/yes. Motion Carried 7/0.


New Business:  Tom Bigler suggested that we look at changing the language in our current policy on suspensions regarding athletic code violations.  Policy Committee will look at this suggestion.

After discussion we will be deleting the agenda item NEW BUSINESS from future agendas.


M/S/Geise/Seifert to adjourn.  Motion Carried Unanimously.


Adjournment @ 9:17 P.M.


Minutes taken by Julie M. Hahn, Board Secretary


Approved by the Board of Education on November 21, 2011


Victoria Bramstedt, Board Clerk