Regular Meeting Minutes – March 18, 2013




Monday, MARCH 18, 2013

6:30 P.M.


Community Open Forum:  6:30 – 6:45 P.M.  Cindy Dorn, W2549 Cty Rd. O, addressed the board on the issues of support of a week-long spring break and concern for the growing number of students participating in summer school physical education.  Keesha Taylor, 340 Mulberry Drive, Waldo, also addressed the board with support of a week-long spring break but commented in favor of continuing summer school physical education including freshmen.  Tammy Ison, N4401 Cty Rd. I, and Nicole Kuplic, 1136 Partridge Run, addressed the board and expressed their support of a week-long spring break.

This regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Education of the School District of Sheboygan Falls was held on Monday evening, March 18, 2013, in the High School Library at Sheboygan Falls High School.  Board President, John Mauer, called the meeting to order at 6:52 P.M.


Present:           Mr. John Mauer, President

Mr. Tom Bigler, Vice President
Mr. Peter Geise, Treasurer

Mrs. Victoria Bramstedt, Clerk

Mrs. Linda Adams, Clerk Pro-Tem

Mr. Steve Aykens

Mr. John Johnson

Mrs. Julie Hahn, Board Secretary

Roll call was taken with 7 board members present.


M/S/Geise/Bigler to approve the agenda as printed.  Motion Carried Unanimously.


M/S/Bigler/Bramstedt to approve the minutes of the February 18, 2013, Regular Board Meeting and the March 4, 2013, Special Board Meeting, as printed.  Motion Carried Unanimously.


M/S/Bramstedt/Johnson to approve the accounts for February, 2013, as prepared.  Motion Carried Unanimously.  Expenditures for February, 2013, were $1,586,861.73.  Receipts for February, 2013, were $3,037,026.94.


Ann Roy. Director of Special Education and Pupil Services, and Carol Harpold, Occupational Therapist/Assistive Technology Specialist, along with staff members, Erin Higgins, Jodie Van Dixhorn, Linda Henry, Tammy Ison, Liz Miller, and Karen Shircel, presented to the board on assistive technology.  During the presentation the board had the opportunity to interact with numerous assistive devices currently used in our district.


Administrative Reports:


District/Jean Born:  Topics of discussion at legislative meeting included four areas of the budget-

funding in which a $0 increase per pupil is proposed, school vouchers, special education vouchers, and the state report card and the funding associated with it.  Also discussed was teacher evaluation, the school record system, and teacher licensing.


Luke Goral, High School Principal; Aaron May, Associate Principal/Athletic Director, Meloney Markofski, Middle School Principal; Kellie Manning, Elementary School Principal; Ann Roy, Director of Special Education and Pupil Services; Mary Lofy, Director of Instruction, and Mary Blaha, Director of Business Services, gave their monthly reports to the Board.

Committee Reports:


Personnel…Geise/Adams/Bramstedt.. Nothing to report.


Public Relations…Adams/Geise/Aykens.. Two meetings scheduled this week.


Policy…Mauer/Bigler.. Nothing to report.


Finance…Mauer/Johnson… Nothing to report.
Facilities…Bigler/Bramstedt… Nothing to report.


Recreation Board…Nothing to report.

CESA #7…Bigler.. Nothing to report.

Legislative/WASB…Adams.. Nothing to report.


School Foundation/Geise.. Nothing significant to report.

District Administrator Jean Born and the administrative team bring to the board for approval a proposed 2013-2014 school calendar. The board previously has discussed and reviewed the proposed calendar.  M/S/Bigler/Bramstedt to approve the 2013-2014 school calendar as presented.  Motion Carried Unanimously.

Mary Blaha, Director of Business Services, reviewed the food service, debt service and community service budgets.

M/S/Adams/Johnson to approve the resignation of Mike Kobelsky, High School Special Education Teacher and Sarah Dengel, Middle School Guidance Counselor, as presented, with regrets and gratitude.  Motion Carried Unanimously.

Luke Goral, High School Principal, requested that the board approve a FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) Community Fundraiser Activity to be held on Sunday, April 7, 2013.  M/S/Johnson/Bramstedt to approve the fundraiser activity as presented.  Motion Carried Unanimously.

M/S/Bigler/Adams to approve the gift of $1500 from Sigma-Aldrich Chemical to the High School Science Department, with gratitude and thanks.  Motion Carried Unanimously.


M/S/Bigler/Johnson to approve the Advertising on School Property as presented by Aaron May, Associate High School Principal/Athletic Director.  Motion Carried Unanimously.

Facilities Planning: Information Nights and community events are being attended by board members and staff in attempt to inform the public on the upcoming referendum.


M/S/Geise/Bramstedt to adjourn.  Motion Carried Unanimously.


The meeting adjourned at 9:09 p.m.


Minutes taken by Julie M. Hahn, Board Secretary


Approved by the Board of Education on April 15, 2013


Victoria Bramstedt, Board Clerk