Open Enrollment

Have you considered Open Enrollment?

The Open Enrollment application dates for the 2014-2015 school year are
February 3, 2014 to April 30, 2014.
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Wisconsin’s inter-district public school open enrollment program allows parents to apply for their children to attend school districts other than the one in which they live. Wisconsin residents in grades kindergarten through twelfth grade may apply to participate in open enrollment.

Children who are eligible for Early Childhood or 4-year old kindergarten may also apply if their resident district offers a similar program and they are eligible for that program in their resident district.

There is no tuition cost to parents for their children’s participation in open enrollment provided they meet the timelines outlined below. Parents will be charged the same yearly fees as a resident student including class fees, laboratory or extra-curricular activity fees.

Detailed information regarding the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction’s Full-Time Inter-District Open Enrollment program can be found at

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How and when may parents apply?

Parents may apply on-line at

The Open Enrollment application dates for the 2014-2015 school year are
February 3, 2014 to April 30, 2014.

State Open Enrollment Window to Open February 3

State Open Enrollment window to open February 3

February 3 – April 30, 2014 – Parents must submit applications online through the WI Department of Public Instruction website:, or a direct link will be placed on our district website,, starting February 3rd.  A computer will be available in the Sheboygan Falls District Office at 220 Amherst Avenue between the hours of 7:30 AM and 3:30 PM for parents who do not have access to the Internet.

The school district of Sheboygan Falls is reminding families that the Open Enrollment “window” of opportunity to submit applications is February 3 to April 30.  Wisconsin’s inter­-district public school open enrollment program allows parents to apply for their children to attend school districts other than the one in which they live.

Since the inception of Open Enrollment in the state, the school district has seen a steady increase in the number of non­resident parents opting to send their child to school in Sheboygan Falls.

“I believe the increase in numbers is because some parents are simply interested in the size of our schools. That is, we are small enough that students receive a great deal of support, while at the same time we are large enough to offer academic and extracurricular opportunities that smaller area schools are not able to offer,” explained Superintendent Jean Born.

In a recent interview with parents of two open enrolled students, Dave Krueger from Oostburg, indicated, “Our initial thought was need and convenience-­based.  Our oldest son graduated in the spring and was leaving home in the fall, leaving us with a transportation gap, as I work in Milwaukee, and my wife Karla’s business is in Sheboygan Falls. Further thought quickly lead to the possibility that as a larger district, additional opportunities might also be available to our sixth grader and his sister at the high school.  This has certainly proven to be the case.  Also, we had heard only good things about the reputation of the district from others around the area, and felt we needed to explore the opportunity.”

Krueger added, “While the overall population of their class is now doubled in size, the number of students per classroom is about the same.  More kids brings more diversity, which translates into wider options for academic success and elective alternatives.”

The Krueger’s sixth grade son has found great success in ALEKS, an online math program used at Sheboygan Falls Middle school.  Their son is able to accelerate at a pace that has been a great fit for him this school year.

When asked if the Krueger family plans to continue to open enroll into Sheboygan Falls, next school year, Dave’s response was, “Absolutely.”

For more information about Open Enrollment, please check out the district website or contact Julie Hahn at the district office, 467­-7893.